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Calculate Future Pawn Payments

Calculate Payment for future dates
Answer those time-consuming customer questions like.."how much would it cost me to pick up all my tickets on the 15th?" Instant answers available with the "what-if" function.

Flexible Layaway System
Layaway anything in inventory, or not in inventory, for any period with any payment schedule. Track payments with easy graphs. Send delinquency notices to overdue layaway customers.

Pawn Shop Layaway System

Pull from stock pawn software
Huge variety of "Pull" options
You can pull one item at a time or many at once. You can pull into inventory or just mark as "pulled". You can print reports before and after pulling. You can edit prices and descriptions before of after pulling. And of course, you can "un-pull".
Firearms Log Maintained Automatically
No seperate book to keep, plus you can sort, search, and print the log any way you or the ATF requests. XPawn® also tracks background checks.
Print logs when ATF requests, Firearms Log
Pawn and Layaway Payments
Pawn and Layaway Payments...EASY
All you have to do is point and shoot. XPawn® does the rest. XPawn® shows a running total of all payment selected, so you can tell your customer the exact amount in advance.
Professional Barcode Labels
Print several different sizes of merchandise labels including the popular "butterfly" and "Rat-Tail" style jewelry tags. Barcode your stock No. for automated inventory & sales. Encode the date, cost, and other information if you wish.
Print Pawn Shop Barcode Labels
Export Police data to disk, file, email. Pawn Inventory Tracking Software.
Export Police data to disk, file, email...ect.
More and more cities are requiring electronic submission of police records. XPawn® is way ahead of the game and is completely equipped for this. Of course, you can also print police reports on paper too.
Countless reporting Functions
XPawn® gives you beautiful, crisp laser printed financial reports. You can even design your own reports using Microsoft Access.
Design reports using Microsoft Access
User-Defined Pawn Shop Data Entry
User-Defined Data Entry
Sophisticated setup utility lets you grayout and turn off fields you don't need, as well as validating those you do need. Avoid costly errors.
Powerful Security and Password System
Any user or group of users can be authorized or unauthorized on virtually any task in XPawn®. Users can optionally set their own passwords, and you can specify the minimum password length.
Pawn Shop password systems
Features Page II
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Proud member of the National Pawnbrokers Association
Member of the National Pawnbrokers Association